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Month of Photography Los Angeles Acknowledges Photographers


Perhaps the most valuable, yet under appreciated of all art forms and professions is photography.  MOPLA is the month in which Los Angeles acknowledges photographers for what they contribute to the world.

Think about it.  Photojournalists risk their lives to expose human rights violations in a visual way, to bring reality to the words about what is happening on a battlefield, or of a not so peaceful demonstration.  Even here in the United States they put their lives in danger such as the photographer that lost his life covering the 9/11 tragedy when the World Trade Center collapsed upon him… yet his photos survived to forever document what happened for the world in a way no other photos did.

Modern Art Portrait by Mark Stout. Represented by SoCal Art Gallery

In commercial photography, it is the photo that sells the product, the photo that makes the viewer feel he/she desires it. Would you really pay $398.00 for a pair of Diesel Jeans if all you saw was the text used to describe them?  The text for this pair of jeans reads: Our low waist jeans has a relaxed, tapered leg for a laid-back and modern silhouette. 90% Cotton 8% Polyester, Low Waist, Black/Dark Grey, Coated.  Probably not.  But coupled with the photo of the insanely cool guy wearing them in a perfectly lit photo on a perfect set that was created just for the shoot and suddenly you feel you have to have them.

Likewise in editorial photography.  How many copies of Vogue, Vanity Fair, Fortune 500, Inc., Time Magazine or the Los Angeles Times would you buy if there were no photos? Not many.  It would be boring.  Good creative professional photography is what drives commerce.

Professional photos preserve the memories of your loved ones.  They add color, life and meaning to homes and offices.  As with any art form, they make life more beautiful and worth living.  So do yourself a favor and get out and celebrate Month of Photography Los Angeles this April.

History of Month of Photography in Los Angeles

The best I can determine, Month of Photography Los Angeles was created by the Lucie Foundation in 2009.  during the inaugural month, the foundation used Los Angeles where the second largest photography community in the United States is located to showcase its enormous photography community, inclusive of commercial, fine art and photojournalism.

Fine art SoCal art gallery

In addition to showcasing the work each year, programs are organized to inspire, educate and revitalize photographers at all levels.  Art galleries change their focus to top photography exhibitions and even large public outdoor photography displays are created.

There are events and exhibits going on most every day in Los Angeles in celebration of MOPLA, sometimes multiple events.  We would like to list them here, but

MOPLA Exhibit Schedule

We wanted to list all of the cool photography exhibits, seminars, and events going on around LA for Month of Photography but there are simple too many and the Month of Photography website has already done so.  Why should we re-invent the wheel so to speak.  Click the link above to see which events you want to attend.

I should also note, the photography exhibits you will find at the site linked to above are just the official MOPLA events.  You will find that all over the city “non-official” galleries and venues of all sorts are rolling out the red carpet to celebrate Month of Photography.  Be sure to look for them, and, heck, you might want to even organize an exhibition of your own!

We will be bringing you coverage of as many of the photography exhibits that we can during MOPLA so stay tuned.

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Malibu Skys, Modern Art Landscape by Mark Stout. Represented by SoCal Art Gallery.

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