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MOPLA – APA’s Curated Photography Exhibition

photography exhibition MOPLA
APALA Off The Clock Exhibition. Photo Credit Michael Becker

The absolute best photography exhibit you will find during Month of Photography Los Angeles is the Off The Clock Exhibit by American Photographic Artists (APA) Los Angeles.  This exhibit gives you the chance to break away from the mundane selfies that clog the internet and see photography as the valuable art form it truly is!  And you will be able to meet many of the artists.

A number of factors make this photography exhibit stand tall above the rest. It is a curated collection of the work done by the world’s top professional photographers.  The personal work they do when they are “off the clock” so to speak.  This is the work these photographers create when they are being their own art directors, the work that shows their personal creative voice.

Of over 1000 images submitted by working pro photographers, the exhibit has been curated down to 100 images by the esteemed curator, Laurie Kratochvil.  From my past experience, while the exhibit contains the work of nearly 100 different photographers (few get more than one work in the exhibit), thanks to the curation process you witness a tightly themed body of highly varied work (if that doesn’t make sense, it will after you see the exhibit).

The other reason the APALA Off The Clock photography exhibit towers above the others is how APA uses it to help promote their members.  Unlike other photography contest/exhibitions, The APA Off The Clock photography exhibit goes on a year long tour once it is taken down from the gallery, then hanging on the walls several major advertising agencies in rotation and in past years ending up as an exhibit at PhotoLA.   If you are a professional photographer at any level of experience, you are missing out if you don’t join APA LA and get them working for you too!

This year’s Off The Clock Photography Exhibition is co-hosted by MOPLA.  The free opening reception is on April 21, 2018 from 7 – 10 pm.  Santa Monica Art Studios, Hanger Gallery South 3026 Airport Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90405
Parking available across the street. Follow APA LA signage.

The exhibit will hang through May 12, 2018.

Also on view is Construction: A Group Show About Memory and Fabrication – An Official MOPLA Exhibition and Emerging Photographer: Spring 2018 – brought to you by PDN, RF and Canon – the International Photography Awards Best of Show!

Trust me, you don’t want to miss this exhibit. I have been to it several years running and am always amazed at the amount of creativity to be found in one room!  You can see the photos exhibited in past years and get a sneak peak at this upcoming photography exhibit here.

By the way, take a moment to check out Michael Becker’s work (creator of the photo in this post.  You’ll be impressed!

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