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The Museum of Illusions in Hollywood

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The Museum of Illusions is a pop-up museum in the heart of Hollywood.  And what better place for a venue that focuses on illusions to be?

It currently occupies the same corner location that the Museum of Broken Relationships was in until last November and I’m sorry to see that one go.

Unlike museums where you go to only look at the exhibits, in the Museum of Illusions, the goal is that you will become a part of the exhibit.  Photography is not just encouraged, it is part and parcel of the exhibit.  Visitors become part of the optical illusions that fill the museum and take unusual photos of themselves for their Facebook and Instagram pages.

There is something for everyone.  The museum states it has tried to cover every topic of interest.  It is open to people of all ages.

Be sure to add this museum to your list now.  It’s a pop-up museum and currently states it is only going to be here until March.  Also, as a note, reviews on this museum are quite varied, from absolutely blown away by it, to not so much.

Museum of Illusions
Jan 1- March 2
6753 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028
$20 Parking: 1724 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90028

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