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Music Review: 8mm’s Heart-Shaped Hell EP is a Beautiful Place

You’ve been hungry… And searching. For music that’s actually worth listening to. We know that. We see it in the studies that say millennials are changing “channels” up to 24 times per hour… searching, searching and searching… for something worth giving their attention to.

We knew it when we heard that the classics from the seventies and eighties were outselling contemporary pop music on iTunes. In a world increasing dominated by computer generated algorithms dictating what we “want” to hear and thus what many musicians think they “want” to create, too much has been lost. We want it back.

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YoLA musicur search is over. 8mm’s Heart-Shaped Hell will send that beautiful rush through your body you’ve been craving. If it can break through the mathematics telling the world what they should like and get heard, it’s platinum bound.

After attending 8mm’s EP release show for Heart-Shaped Hell at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood a couple of weeks back, I’ve found myself continually drawn back to their music. and wondering why the draw was so strong.  I couldn’t fully put my finger on it until I finished the edits on the video we shot of their EP release show.

8mm’s music draws from the era when so many of the classics were created. Not in a form of similarity – there’s nothing in 8mm’s music that isn’t 100% original – but how they produce music with depth, texture artistry and meaning. Music that’s created as an art form, to sound beautiful – not to win a popularity contest. It’s this quality that’s caused over 80% of 8mm’s catalog to be licensed for use in motion picture and television sound tracks.

On stage, Juliette beckons you with her silky voice and seductive moves to follow her into her Heart-Shaped Hell. You find yourself, not in a hell, but in a musical heaven of deep texture, multiple layers of instrumentation, movement, mood and compelling vocals.

8mm has returned to the music world what it lost. Music that is a production. Music with an emphasis on perfection. Each note, each passage, each instrument and the vocals have been clearly worked and reworked to create that mood that inspires you to create a world you don’t want to leave.

I don’t expect you to take my word for this. Music appreciation is subjective. Take a minute to watch the snippets of their EP release party at Lucky Strike above and see the performance. Then head on over to the Heart-Shaped Hell Spotify page and listen to the music (video cameras record sound quite poorly). Go to their Bandcamp page and buy the EP so you will always have it handy to listen to and share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too.

If you missed our interview with 8mm before the show, watch it to learn how they built a DIY music licensing system that got so much of their music used in motion picture soundtracks.

You can find 8mm at They are managed by Shannon O’Shea at SOS Management. The video above was filmed/edited by Mark Stout Photography for

See concert photos below the break…

CD release party


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