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How To Navigate Los Angeles Fashion Week 2018

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If you feel confused trying to figure out what is happening during Los Angeles Fashion Week, don’t feel alone.  Some of the multi-brand shows have similar, if not identical names.  Updated March 9, 2018 to add a new show.And for some reason with the advent of the internet, writers have become notoriously bad about dating things. So you are reading about a fashion week event and trying to figure out how to attend only to later realize the event you are looking at is from the previous year.   Some fashion week websites aren’t kept updated, and some only provide you part of the info you need.

Here is what you need to know to make fashion week this March 2018 simple.

fashionOfficially as of October 2016, the main multi-brand productions actively producing multi-brand runway shows are: LA Fashion Week (LAFW), Art Hearts Fashion, Style Fashion Week, & FWLA.  One fashion industry websites lists two more.  It adds Concept and LA Emerging Designers. (Note: there are also numerous individual brand name designer shows, such as Tommy Hilfiger starting as early as February in upscale parts of LA.  The ones we are reporting on here are the multi-brand shows.)

However, only two of the main fashion week producers are putting on shows in Los Angeles this March.  These are Art Hearts Fashion and Los Angeles Fashion Week (LAFW).  Concept’s website states “We will not be doing shows this season.”  FWLA is either not producing shows this March, or is waiting until the very last minute to announce them.  The schedule on their website is currently for Fashion Week 2017!

LA Emerging Designers isn’t really considered one of the major Fashion Week producers.  Their website says they will be presenting the following designers for spring/summer 2018: Gazaires, Tokio Fever, Tale for Esther, Megan Renee, Pinky Rose Boutique.  However they provide no information on when or where.  If this is a show you are interested in, we suggest you call them at 213. 973.2115

Style Fashion Week isn’t producing a show in LA until fashion week returns with the fall/winter lineup in October.  However they are producing a show in Palm Springs April 5 – 8 and it will be spectacular.  Following that they are producing Coachella – Style Artist Lounge April 13 – 15 again in Palm Springs.  We will be bringing you more info on these events soon.

Back to LA Fashion Week, here is the most complete info on the two major shows:

Art Hearts Fashion:

Art Hearts Fashion Los Angeles
Art Hearts Fashion Show

Nowhere is the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion more respected than at the Art Hearts Fashion show.  In addition to the multi-brand runway shows, Art Hearts Fashion includes multiple art displays from leading artists at their events as well.  It runs from March 12 to March 16th at the MacArthur 607 S Park View St, Los Angeles, CA 90057.  Doors open each night at 6:00.

Tickets are available for entire nights, the entire show, or for just specific designers.  Headlining Designers include: Elie Madi, Stello, HALE BOB, Madame Adassa, Diana Couture, Kentaro Kamenama, Sue Wong, Willfredo Geraldo, Rocky Gathercole, Jonathan Marc Stein, Charles and Ron, Melissa Mercedes, Lulu Harazin, Domingo Zapata, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Burning Guitars Clothing, 2Eros, Mister Triple X, Ricky Lindsay, Czarina, Nathalia Gaviria, Kelly LeBrock X Sham Ibrahim Pop Art Tribute, Nazia Rahman, Candice Cuoco, Temraza, Dunyah and surprise celebrity designers.

The easiest way to determine what date and time the various designers are headlining for the Art Hearts Fashion show is to go to the Art Hearts Fashion listings on EventBrite.

Los Angeles Fashion Week, LAFW

LAFW picks up when Art Hearts Fashion ends off with an overlap of one day. It runs March 16th through March 18th.  The location is listed as 7561 Sunset Blvd #202, but it is unclear if that is the location of their offices, the Fashion Week event or both. They also do not provide information of how to obtain tickets on their site, and we can’t find any of their headliners listed on EventBrite.  So be sure to contact them at if you want to attend.

LAFW schedule:

Fashion Model Ava Capra on the runway during the Art Hearts Fashion Show Beverly Hills 2017

Friday March 16th  

  • 8:00pm – NOE BERNACELLI
  • 9:00pm – BETTY TRAN

Saturday, March 17th

  • 5:00pm – RED CARPET
  • 6:00pm – DELISEANA
  • 7:00pm – SHANI JAMES
  • 9:00pm – MAISON THE FAUX

Sunday March 18th 

  • 5:00pm – RED CARPET
  • 6:00pm – AZNUARI
  • 7:00pm – YEKIM DESIGNS
  • 8:00pm – PIA GLADYS PEREY
  • 9:00pm – MICHAEL LEYVA

Note: We also just found out about another major fashion runway show in Downtown LA on March 10 – 11.  It’s Society Fashion week.  Click the link for full info on shows

As we cover in a related post, the fashion industry is far more important to the Los Angeles economy than most realize… and Los Angeles is stepping up as one of the key fashion capitols in the world.

When you attend one of these Fashion Week shows, you will understand why LA has stepped into the same circle of prestige with New York, London, Milan and Paris when it comes to the world of fashion.  Angelenos are lucky to have world class fashion shows at their doorstep and are encouraged to take in the experience.

Photo Credit: All photos in this post by Mark Stout Photography and are of the Art Hearts Fashion Show in Beverly Hills 2107

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