Venice Boardwalk Night
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New Friends from the Venice Electric Light Parade

Every time I am out doing something with Totally-LA I end up meeting great people.  I’ve decided to start featuring them here.  After all, it is the people of LA that make Los Angeles such a magical place.

This photo was taken after the Venice Electric Light Parade that happens every Sunday at sunset in Venice Beach.  It’s one of the coolest things you could imagine and you have to put seeing it on your to do list.  The beautiful parade of bikes isn’t just about show, they are promoting bicycle safety at night.

The guy in the center of this photo is Joey Clemons, owner of Custom LED Bikes who put the lights on all of the bikes.  On his left is Zoe Cardenes and on his right is Pblo Ole.  Was fun to meet them

Head on out to the Venice Electric Light Parade next Sunday and say hello to them.  Be sure to watch for our video of the Electric Light Parade coming soon.

Edit: I just found out this was taken on the 3rd Anniversary of the Venice Electric Light Parade.  Such an awesome thing these guys have gotten going on.  I hope it continues for a long time!

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