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A Night on Hollywood Blvd

One of the more lively places to visit when in Los Angeles is Hollywood Boulevard near the intersection of Hollywood and Vine.  Not only do you have the famous landmarks, shops, cafes and nightclubs, you have some of the most fascinating people dressed as movie characters.

On this evening I went to Hollywood Blvd with Marcela Iglesias, manager of Plastics of Hollywood agency and former Versace model, Jennifer Pamplona.  We encountered Johnny Depp, Batman, the Joker (or was it the devil?), and several other movie characters.  It was a fun, magical evening.

Be sure to add Hollywood Blvd to your list of things to do when you visit Los Angeles.  There is so much more to enjoy there than the tourist guides tell you.

Music: Electron Breeze by Alexander. Creative Commons Attribution License. http://www.zeropage-media.com

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