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Without consciously ever realizing it, I think I have always wanted to live in one of the high rise condos on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.

Though the area is crowded, it is modern, upscale, clean and has a feeling of big space. It is considered on of LA’s most iconic neighborhoods.

Somehow I just know that my morning coffee would taste soooo much better sipping it from the balcony of my high rise condo overlooking Pacific Palisades Park and the Pacific Ocean!

Ocean Avenue runs from Pico Blvd on the south to San Vincente Blvd on the north.  Between Pico and the 10 Freeway is where you will find the Santa Monica Pier, an LA landmark dating back to 1909.  Just north of that are the luxury condos and Pacific Palisades Park, where I have often driven considerable distances just to take a walk and enjoy the ocean views.

The Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica’s exclusive shopping area, is just a couple blocks to the east  Alongside the condos, unique hotels, such as The Georgian and The Shore, line the avenue along with open-air restaurants and bars, such as Blue Plate Oysterette and The Bungalow.

So if you are thinking that morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Ocean would taste better,  Or you love the idea of daily afternoon strolls through Pacific Palisades Park, or you might just want to check out some of the real estate on Ocean Avenue.  Yes, it’s pricy, but surprisingly cheaper than many of LA’s other upscale neighborhoods.

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