LA Homeless Shelter

Saw this on the way back from the printer down on Wilshire Blvd.  It struck me how often I see American Flags on the tents of the homeless.  One in particular down on Venice Beach not only had American Flags on the tent, but they had erected two flagpoles on either side and I watched the man take them down at sunset.

The one in Venice I’m sure must have been a veteran.  In others I’m not sure why the flags, but I have noticed that the homeless can get quite creative in creating their shelters in Los Angeles.

One day soon I hope we can bring about changes in the world were we won’t have people living on the streets anymore.  I’m not talking more handouts either.  I’m talking work that pays enough for people to be self sufficient, doing a better job of getting drugs off the street and creating a world where people feel there is HOPE.