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Orange County Reopens: Huntington Beach and Pier

After three months of being safer at home we all want to get out and experience the world again.  Unfortunately, as things begin to reopen we are seeing that we are most likely going to have to stay fairly local for the rest of this year.  There are still issues with traveling between states in some places and currently we are hearing international travel still presents issues.

The bright side is is gives us a chance to explore our own backyards, and what a beautiful back yard we have! We’re bringing you all the information we can on what’s open and great places to take day trips to, or longer road trips.

That brings us to Surf City USA, aka Huntington Beach.  The Huntington Beach Pier reopened on May 26, although many of the shops are not yet open.  We verified at the time of writing this post that the iconic Ruby’s Diner at the end of the pier is still closed.  Not to worry though.  Most of the restaurants on Main Street and along the Pacific Coast Highway are going to be open. Be sure to see all the photos at the bottom of the post.

From anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area you can get to Huntington Beach in less that two hours.  From most it’s an hour or less.  Try to pick a route that has you on the Pacific Coast Highway for as much of the journey as you can.  There are a number of other beaches you’ll pass along the way and you might just decide to detour to one of them.  There is also a dog beach a few miles north of the main beach and pier along the Pacific Coast Highway.

As for concerns about the contagion of the coronavirus, you have a lot less to worry about on the beach or pier than in the confined space of a supermarket!  The pier, beach and bike paths are open now and both “active” and “passive” use of the beach is currently allowed.  You do need to follow social distancing requirements and I believe face masks are required.  I believe fishing is allowed and no permit is required.

At 1850 feet the Huntington Beach Pier is one of the longest piers on the west coast. You can recharge your soul with the fresh sea breezes and the breathtaking views of Catalina Island, San Pedro, Long Beach and Newport Beach.

The pier is located where Main Street meets the water in Huntington Beach.

More photos after the break…

Huntington Beach
Tourists enjoying the pier at Huntington Beach in the summer.

Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach

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