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Out of Business: The Hollywood Walk of Shame

As we rolled into 2020, nothing could have prepared the businesses on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for what was about to happen to them. Business was booming. Tourism was at record high levels.

Then the “novel” coronavirus reared it head in China. President Trump tried to impose a travel ban between the US and China in January but he was thwarted by the WHO and certain politicians. Later on the WHO declared it a pandemic and within days California Governor Gavin Newsom began shutting down businesses.

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The first to be shuttered were the large entertainment venues and theatres. This took out the theatres and tourist attractions. The bars and restaurants were closed a few days later. Then Newsom did something we never thought we would see in America. He ordered all residents to stay locked down in their homes.

It was suppose to be two weeks to slow the spread and give hospitals time to ramp up to handle the anticipated caseload. Two weeks became two months. A few of the businesses were allowed to re-open on a limited basis, but that was short lived. And the the theatres and tourist attractions have not been able to re-open since March.

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Bars and restaurants endured a whiplash open, close, open close ordeal. They would re-open at great expense to comply with the safety measures only to be ordered closed a week or two later.

Then the riots began. The Hollywood Walk of Fame was the site of a large number of Black Live Matter protests. While some were peaceful, others were violent and caused massive property destruction along the Walk of Fame.

The businesses were boarded up after the first of the riots and remained that way as the riots continued. Then, just as they felt it safe to remove the boards, the left wing groups behind the rioting stated if the election did not come out in favor of Biden, America would burn.

Up went the boards again!

No sooner than the election passed, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti began pushing down a new set of restrictions on restaurants. Now the limited patio/outdoor only dining restaurants were allowed to do was prohibited. Now they could only do take out.

This came just in time for the busy holiday season. If that wasn’t enough, right after Thanksgiving Governor Newsom put the entire state under a mandatory stay at home order once again.

With the attractions all closed, what few businesses that could legally remain open had no customers. The Walk of Fame was deserted through most of 2020. At the close of 2020, 75% of the businesses along the Hollywood Walk of Fame are closed and boarded up. Most will never re-open.

We were told the lockdowns were to protect our health. There was no scientific evidence showing putting healthy people in quarantine was effective at stopping a virus. But they did it anyway.

The first lockdown proved to be a failure. A number of studies have come out showing that areas that did not lockdown fared as well if not better at controlling the spread of the virus. We were warned when the first lockdown was initiated that there would be a surge in the number of cases when it ended.

There was. And they locked us down again.

It’s debatable if the lockdowns have done anything at all to reduce the number of infections. But placing the entire population under quarantine has caused unimaginable human suffering and poverty. The damage done by the lockdowns has far outweighed any possible benefit they may have resulted in. Even if the lockdowns were ended today, tourists are not likely to return.

As you pass down the Walk of Fame in 2021, you pass homeless encampments along the sidewalks, smell the stench of human waste, and step over the homeless people on the streets. You see the hotels sitting empty, with people sleeping on the street in front of them.

The businesses are closed, boarded up. In front of them street vendors set up tables and sell from the sidewalks. Most buildings bear a for lease sign in the window.

It doesn’t look like America. It isn’t America.

In March 2020, Governor Newsom declared a state of emergency and with that he gained unfettered power. He has made sure that emergency never ended. During this time California has been under the “one man rule” of Gavin Newsom. Orders were issued, new laws created, old laws revised, and draconian restrictions passed down to California residents… all without going through the legislative process. We the people were stripped of our voice.

It is the type of government that exists in communistic Third World Countries run by a dictator. And it has served as an example of just how fast that type of governing can ruin a nation. If you were to visit the Walk of Fame in January 2021, you would swear you were in a Third World Country.

And it only took nine months to take the Walk of Fame from a vibrant tourist attraction to ruin.

California has had enough of the about. A petition to recall Gavin Newsom has gained 1.2 million signatures in a very short period of time. It is a bipartisan effort. Democrats and Republicans have united in their commitment to remove him from office.

As a people, we can never allow our rights to be set aside under the rule of one man ever again.

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