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Owner of Riley’s Farm Speaks on Surviving the Lockdowns

James Riley, the owner of Riley’s Farm speaks on how they survived the lockdowns of 2020.

In his opening remarks at a Patriots Party on the farm February 27, 2021, Riley discusses how much less restrictive San Bernardino County was when it came to the lockdowns that Los Angeles County. Also how the county was aware that small businesses across America provide 80 percent of jobs and the majority of tax revenue for governments.

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The farm is locate in Yucaipa California, about 80 miles east of Los Angeles. It’s known for its historical re-enactments of key events leading to the birth of the United States as a free nation. This has brought it under attack at times from left wing extremists that want to see America’s history expunged and re-written. But, as Riley says “Their numbers are actually very small in comparison to those that love our country.”

Themed dinners are held at the ranch. You can also pick your own apples and they have some of the best apples pies and jams to be found. Check their website for a schedule of events and dinners before you go.

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