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Papa’s Tradition: Delicious Palatas Created Locally in Honor of Papa

While 2020 has certainly had its downsides, it has also brought me in touch with some of the finest people you could ever care to meet.  A common denominator they have is most are small business owners… the backbone of the American economy.

Sadly, these same people are the ones that were hardest hit by the Coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions.  I’ve decided to revive a section we had called Featured Businesses, rename it Shop LA Local and feature some of the small businesses that catch my attention.

I’ve run into Carlos with Papa’s Tradition a few times at the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally.  His family immigrated to the United States in the Eighties and his father said “we’re not taking any government handouts” and started a successful business selling palatas.  This grew to a successful business that had over 60 employees.

As I’ve spoken to different people that have immigrated to this country, I’m always impressed by how much legal immigrants add to the culture and wealth of our nation. The palatas that Carlos’ father brought to the US are a perfect example.

Palatas are basically a Mexican popsicle.  But the resemblance stops at the stick the frozen dessert is served on.  The popsicles we enjoyed as children are generally made of artificial ingredients, colors and preservatives.  Palatas on the other hand are constructed from whole ingredients like fresh pureed fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices.  The variety of flavors is unlimited and the taste is out of this world.

I’ll let Carlos tell you the story in this video, but his father taught him the value of the capitalistic system and as Carlos says “Capitalism Works.” His father retired, the business was shut down and later he passed away.

Recently Carlos started the family business again to honor his father and named it Papa’s Tradition.

Help support LA Local Businesses. Follow Papa’s Palatas on Instagram @PapasPalatas. And stop by the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally in Beverly Gardens Park, Saturdays at 3:00 pm until the election. Look for Carlos and buy a Palatas. They are utterly delicious.

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