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This is one of those things that I hate to mention, but along the Hollywood Walk of Fame is one of the more difficult places in Los Angeles to find parking.  Some tips to help you find parking in Hollywood.

Depending on when you are going, you may want to consider taking the Metro Red Line subway when you are headed out to see all the tourist attractions and landmarks in Hollywood.  It has stops at Hollywood and Vine and Hollywood and Highland.  The last is closest to most of the tourist attractions.  You can find the schedule at the Metro site, then click the link for the Red Line.

I’m not a fan of public transportation, but on weekend nights a trip on the Metro is much more pleasant than sitting in gridlock traffic… most of whom are looking for parking spaces… and spending longer to drive a block than to walk several.  The stations are quite nice and fare is about $1.75.

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During the daytime hours parking is actually easier to find, particularly in the Hollywood and Vine area.  On a weekend day I can usually find metered street parking on Argyle or Ivar Streets the cross streets to the east and west of Vine.  Or up on Yucca Street one block north of Hollywood Blvd.  This is also true on weekdays before 4:00 pm when parking lanes become traffic lanes on some of the streets.  By evening, the party crowd is moving in and street parking isn’t to be found.

There really is no street parking at all near Hollywood & Highland. If you are going to be shopping at the Hollywood Highland Mall, you can park for 2 hours for $2.00 with validation from one of the shops, restaurants or nightclubs, but not all of them validate parking.  Entrances are on Highland Avenue and Orange Drive, the cross streets on either side of the mall.  It is a little unclear how much it is if you fail to get a validation. It does state there is a $15 max, but make sure that price is good without validation.  If so, this is the cheapest parking you will find on that end of the Walk of Fame.

Other parking lots near Hollywood & Highland are at:

  • 6922 Hollywood Blvd – $12.50
  • Loew’s 1755 N Highland $16.50
  • 6815 Hawthorn (the street just south of Hollywood Blvd.) $20.00

Parking lots near Hollywood & Vine are at:

  • 1627 Vine, $4.00
  • 1721 Argyle $10.00
  • 1601 Vine $10.00
  • Pantages Theatre Parking: 1721 Vine no price listed

Note: rates at most of the parking lots vary depending on the time of day and whether or not major events are happening.

Depending on where your hotel is located it can often be cheaper to take an Uber or Lyft than paying to park.  It can also be much more enjoyable as you are free to look at the sights instead of watching traffic.  Some hotels also provide shuttle service to key areas.

Please enjoy your visit to Los Angeles.


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