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Pink’s Hot Dogs, Famous For Long Lines, Deserted During Coronavirus

As the coronavirus quarantine ravages Los Angeles in terms of economic damage, we also find that we can see things we never thought we would see in this crowded city.

One of these is Pink’s Hot Dogs in Hollywood without a long line of customers stringing down the sidewalk.  I happened to notice the deserted landmark driving down LaBrea, slammed on the brakes, parked, put on my mask and jumped out to take some photos of this once in a lifetime sight.

We’ve written about the iconic hot dog stand before, so I won’t go into much detail about it.  Let it suffice to say it has been in business since 1939, the interior walls are lined with photos of the celebrities that have “dined” there.

Pink’s is famous for their hot dogs, but even more famous for the long lines of people waiting to get one.  For tourists visiting Los Angeles, grabbing a bite and snapping an Instagram selfie at Pink’s is high on the bucket list of things to do in LA.

Now there are no tourists.  There are no lines at Pink’s Hot Dogs.

Never thought I would see the day when I would say “I miss the lines.”

More photos after the break…

A line at Pink’s Hot Dogs during happier days
Pink’s, boarded up and deserted during COVID-19 quarantine
Los Angeles, CA/USA – April 16, 2020: Famous Pink’s Hot Dog Stand in Hollywood known for long lines is closed during coronavirus quarantine

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