Rescue American Rally
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Powerful Speech by Lorenzo Lamas Cuts Through the Hypocrisy at #WalkAway Rally in Beverly Hills

The speech given by actor Lorenzo Lamas at the Rescue America Rally in Beverly Hills is a must watch for anyone seeking to understand what is happening with our country.

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Though this is the first time Lamas has ever delivered a political speech, he cuts straight through the bullshit and lays what is really going on out for the world to hear.  Lamas discusses how the democratic party is no longer the party of JFK or Woodrow Wilson is no longer and would in fact be unrecognizable to these icons today. How it has forgotten and betrayed its core supporters… the middle class and how their efforts to restrict our freedom are now on full display.

If you have been confused by the never ending stream of lies being pushed out by the mainstream media, you will have clarity after hearing what Lorenzo Lamas has to say.

The Rescue America Rally was organized by the #WalkAway Foundation.  A true grassroots movement, #WalkAway began its life as a social media group created by Brandon Straka where members posted why they had walked away from the radical left. It grew into a nonprofit corporation.  Rescue America rallies are being held each week at different cities across America.  To see if they are coming to a city near you check their calendar here

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#WalkAway has a major rally planned for October 3 in Washington DC

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