Recommended Reading

Knowledge is power. Anyone alive today knows that the world is facing serious challenges. Mainstream media is more concerned with propaganda than reporting facts and in silencing voices that challenge the narrative.

Throughout history voices of truth and reason have been silenced. In some parts of the world today, that silencing is total (imprisonment or execution). Many of the authors below are among those that the people in political power are seeking to silence.

They have been fired from their positions, deleted from social media and harassed simply for saying “I will not go along with the lie.” We feel it is in YOUR best interest to see what it is they have to say, and why it upsets the status quo so much!

Get informed on what the censors don’t want you to know so you can evaluate all of the information on the issues and make the correct informed decisions for your life.

Katie Hopkin’s documentary on the mass killing of whites in South Africa

Dr. Simone Gold’s fight against the medical cancel culture

Joy Villa “How I escaped liberal feminism…”

Dr. Judy Mikovitz exposes the corruption between pharmaceutical companies & government

Dr Mikovitz’s search for the truth about human retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Expose about the ramifications of Dr. Fauci’s HIV “ponzi scheme”

What you need to know about the Covid hoax and why it is a threat

Dissecting the controversy and confusion of Covid-19

Climate change is being used for the same end as the pandemic.

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