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Road Trip: Malibu Pier to Santa Monica Pier on Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most iconic highways in the United States. And one of the most beautiful road trips you can take.

Before the pandemic hit, American were traveling more than at any other time in history. That came to a halt last March. Air travel came to a halt and still hasn’t recovered. RV sales began to soar. Clearly Americans have been cooped up for too long.

The road trip provides a safe way to travel and experience the world once again. It was once the preferred way to travel because not only do you get to see the destination, you get to see everything along the way. So be sure to bring a good camera!

In the video above we drive the Pacific Coast Highway from the Malibu Pier to the Santa Monica Pier to show you how beautiful the drive is. There are beaches galore between the two points where you can stop, soak up some sun, surf, and revitalize!

This is actually the best possible time to travel. As you can see in the video, traffic levels on the coast highway are very light. It’s usually packed. The beaches are much less crowded and it’s just a much more enjoyable than during the pre-pandemic crowds!

Up at the Malibu end of the trip, besides the Malibu Pier, there is the Malibu Lagoon where Malibu Creek meets the Pacific Ocean. A nature trail surrounds the lagoon and this is a prime bird watching spot. There are hotels and the Malibu Beach RV Park where you can stay if you have an RV.

On the Santa Monica end, you have the Pier, the Chess Park where you can play with life-size chess pieces, the Original Muscle Beach, the Strand bike path, shopping on the Third Street Promenade, the beautiful Palisades Park overlooking the pier and the ocean and more restaurants and hotels to choose from than you could want.

It isn’t fully reopened as of February 2021. You can go out on the pier and many of the restaurants are now open for outdoor dining, but the amusement park is still closed. Restaurants in Santa Monica are open for outdoor dining only but in sunny southern California, this is delightful.

Truth is, you don’t have to do anything. Just take the drive and enjoy the ocean view along the way. It’s worth it.

Have a good trip!

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