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Rockwell Table and Stage Permanently Closed

This photo says it all. A homeless man with all his worldly possessions dancing in front of the permanently closed Rockwell Table and Stage in Los Feliz Village. The theatre may have gone dark, but the “entertainment” continues on the street in front of it.

It’s a sad and repeating theme I’ve been seeing all over Los Angeles since the lockdowns began. Where thriving retail businesses once were, homeless people live on the sidewalks in front of the empty buildings. Another common sight is that of street vendors setting up shop in front of the closed brick and mortar stores (see our YouTube video of the LA Street Markets).

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It’s the tragedy of the pandemic that is largely overlooked in the media. The staggering number of business people that lost their life’s work, savings and often their homes during the long lockdowns. These are the businesses that were not able to re-open after almost a full year of being shut down more than they were allowed to be open. It’s also without fail that when a business fails to reopen, the homeless people (the number of which have increased exponentially during 2020 – 21) take over the space surrounding it.

The beloved Rockwell Table and Stage will also be sorely missed by the community. The popular venue offered a unique experience by staging live, musical performances while serving delicious cuisine.

More photos after the break. Photos by Mark Stout Photography.

Los Angeles, CA USA – July 12, 2021: A homeless man in front of the Rockwell Stage, a nightclub that didn’t reopen after lockdowns

Street vendors operating in front of closed retail stores.

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