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Rose Cafe is a Venice Institution

The Rose Cafe has been a Venice institution since the late seventies.  Walk thorough the painted roses around the entrance and the first thing that is likely to catch you eye is how much bigger the Rose Cafe is than it appears on the outside.  The rose mural is considered a civic treasure of the Venice community and the cafe is a hangout for the arts community as well as the new high tech crowd.  We also hear that the mural of the rose has become a real LA Instagram hotspot.

Prints from the skateboard artist C.R. Sticky III line the walls.  Plants hang from the ceilings and the overall feel is spacious. The chef is Jason Neroni, whom local Venetians may remember from other restaurants in the area.

Seriously, the Rose Cafe is an experience more than a cafe.  There’s a bakery, a coffee bar, a take-out counter, a full liquor bar, a studying area, and a small patio designed for you and your laptop. Oh, and then there is the restaurant!  The actual restaurant portion is huge and has a patio dining area (in addition to the one previously mentioned).

The menu is what you would expect in Venice.  No ordinary meals served here.  Some examples are Avocado Toast and Grilled T-Bone Cauliflower.

It’s located just a few blocks off the Venice Boardwalk on Rose Street so you might want to check it out the next time you head to the beach.  Find it at 220 Rose Ave, Venice, CA.  Or, if you prefer, we have listed several cool restaurants on the Venice Boardwalk itself.

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