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Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk – Video and Pictures

The 13th Annual Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk this past Saturday proved to be a great day for thousands of people.

There was something for everyone.  Great art, lots of it.  Ample opportunities to meet the artists and gain insight into how they create their work.  Several gourmet food trucks were on hand and there was live music, including an all female Mariachi Band.

The coolest activities were the watercoloring classes for kids, along with jewelry making and more.  They were loving it.

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Check out our short video of the Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk above and meet some of the artists. Our favorite artist was an adorable little girl named Viola who created an artwork in the studio of artist Rena Dillon Cruz and put it on display.  She took time to tell us how she created it, but her voice was so soft you’ll have a bit of trouble hearing her over the noise of the crowd.

We can’t encourage you to support artists enough.  The artists here have brought new vitality to the Santa Monica Airport.  And while it was never particularly in disrepair that I know of we have artists to thank for changing Venice from what was known as “the slum by the sea” into one of the most popular and vibrant tourist destinations in the world.  The same is true with the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles.  It was the artists that brought the area back up (then the developers came in and have been pushing them out).

Find an artist you like.  Buy his or her work and even take time to get to know them.  It will add beauty to your home forever, and often it appreciates in value!  And share this post so more people can see how much artists contribute to our society.

Artist that we featured in this video are Gregg Chadwick, Rena Dillon Cruz, Gwen Samuels and Paula Rosen.  Each of them can be found in the Santa Monica Art Studios at the Santa Monica Airport.

Video and photos by Mark Stout Photography.  Background Music: Sunrise Drive by South London HiFi from the YouTube music library.

Photos after the break…

fashion photographer

Watch Viola explain how she created her artwork in the video
Children’s watercolor class at Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk
Artist Gregg Chadwick
air travel
Douglas DC-3 at the Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport which was open during the ArtWalk
Food trucks at the Santa Monica Airport ArtWalk


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