Santa Monica Pier Reopens
Coronavirus - BLM,  LA 2020

Santa Monica Pier Reopens

Happy days are here again!  After three long months of closure due to the COVID-19 quarantine, the Santa Monica Pier has officially reopened.

Don’t expect it to be quite the same though.  Unfortunately all of the shops, restaurants and amusements on the pier are still closed for now.  Opening of these will be phased in.  You will also find the all too familiar social distancing reminders pasted onto the wooden planks of the pier.

Masks are also required.  The Santa Monica Pier reopened yesterday and according to reports, it stayed pretty deserted.  That’s probably a good thing.  If too many people flock to the pier too fast it opens the possibility that they would close it down again.

The pier is open now from 10 am until 8 pm.  Entrance is from the Ocean Front Walk only so they can control the number of people on the pier.

For people with the travel itch, this is good news.  You can go ahead and start making your travel plans with a fair amount of confidence that the places you want to see will be open!  Also, hotels are likely to be offering great rates after the lull in travel.  We have a post with tips on how to find affordable hotels in Santa Monica.

Here are some fun things to do in Santa Monica if you decide to visit.  Also check out our post on how to get enviable photos of the Santa Monica Pier.  This is a great time to take pictures of the pier because the crowds will be thin.  Be sure to confirm with any place you decide is a must see that it will be open.  Likewise with hotels. If you are concerned about sanitization in hotels, I recommend some portable travel air purifiers with anti-germ functions or some air sanitizers.  I was doing this long before the coronavirus hit.  I have some links to good ones in this post.

More photos after the break…

Santa Monica, CA/USA – April 16, 2020: Lifeguard trucks alongside the Santa Monica Pier during the coronavirus quarantine

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