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Santa’s Elves Come to Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills, CA USA – November 25, 2021: Elaborate Christmas decorations of Santa’s Elves on Rodeo Drive

One of the things I’ve noticed as the Christmases roll by is that Rodeo Drive never puts out the same decorations twice.  This year the center island is filled with larger than life elf statues bearing gifts.  

Santa seems to have been kicked out of the equation this year. There is no sign of Santa at all as far as I saw, and no reindeer or sleigh.  Instead there are a couple displays of the elves unloading Christmas gifts from antique sports cars.

It’s a beautiful theme. See pictures of some of the displays in the slideshow below.

The lily pond in front of the famous Beverly Hills sign in Beverly Gardens Park is putting on glowing reeds show with music in the pond through January 1, 2022.  The park is just across Santa Monica Boulevard on the north end of Rodeo Drive, so be sure to check out the show.

The white reeds seen in the fountain take on a colorful glow after sundown and change with the music.

Last year for Christmas Rodeo Drive went all out with larger than life ornaments that were fashion models sporting the latest fashions.  Unfortunately, due to a second round of Covid-19 lockdowns ordered by California Governor Gavin Newsom in December 2020, few people got to see them.  See our video of the beautifully decorated, but hauntingly deserted Rodeo Drive during Christmas 2020.

If you can’t afford to shop on Rodeo Drive, take the time to drive down it before the holidays are over. It’s beautiful any time of day, but most spectacular after the sun goes down.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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