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See It In 3D At Hologram Hollywood

If you have ever wanted to watch your favorite movie, comedian, singer or other performer in 3D, well now you can.

FilmOn TV and Hologram USA Hollywood are doing so much it is actually a bit hard to get your head around it all.  Alki David the owner of Hologram USA, is also the founder of the internet-based live TV provider FilmOn.  Apparently he wanted to take it a step farther.

People who saw Tupac Shakur’s  ghost perform at Coachella in 2012 have an idea what this is all about. Fifteen years after Tupac was pronounced dead from five gunshot wounds he sustained in a Las Vegas drive-by, Tupac took to the stage once more.

During Dr. Dre and Snoop’s set, his shirtless figure emerged during the final act of the night on the main stage…

“What the f— is up, Coachellaaaaa,” acomputer-generated hologram of Tupac exclaimed to the audience of 80,000 people. Then he performed his posthumous 1998 single “Hail Mary” and 1996 hit collaboration with Snoop, “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

Hologram USA has taken credit for this feat… but then so did Digital Domain and AV Concepts and it was disputed in court.  I don’t know the verdict.  But whether Hologram USA is responsible for Tupac “returning to life” at Coachella or not, they are doing some impressive things.

One example is the night Jimmy Kimmel performed live in three theatres at the same time.  In one, he was real.  In the other two he was a hologram.  You can see a video clip of Kimmel’s hologram on the LA Magazine website.

In the theatre at 6656 Hollywood Blvd you can see the virtual resurrections of music legends and holograms of those that are performing live elsewhere.

This is something that is a bit difficult to cover in an article.  There really isn’t anything to compare it to, which makes it difficult to write about.  We suggest if you are out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame you poke your head in at Hologram USA and look around.  You can also get more info on the Hologram USA website.


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