Shemeka Michelle
LA 2020

Shemeka Michelle Let’s Loose at #WalkAway Rally in Beverly Hills

Political commentator and author Shemeka Michelle holds nothing back in her powerful and humorous speech at the Rescue America Rally in Beverly Hills on August 8, 2020.

During a political climate where Black Lives Matter protests are demanding we defund the police, Shemeka illustrates the hypocrisy of selecting Joe Biden to run on the Democratic ticket for president.  You’ll have to hear her explain it, but Biden was a key supported of the 1994 crime bill that was responsible for dramatically increasing the size of the police force across the nation… and for incarcerating more people than ever in history…. instead of developing programs to prevent crime in the first place.

Shemeka Michelle is also the author of the aggressive top selling self help book, Keep it Naked.  More info on Shemeka is available on her website

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The Rescue America Rally was organized by the #WalkAway Foundation.  A true grassroots movement, #WalkAway began its life as a social media group created by Brandon Straka where members posted why they had walked away from the radical left. It grew into a nonprofit corporation.  Rescue America rallies are being held each week at different cities across America.  To see if they are coming to a city near you check their calendar here

#WalkAway has a major rally planned for October 3 in Washington DC

Join or follow the #WalkAway movement here

Video produced by Mark Stout Photography

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