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Spy Who Infiltrated Castro’s Inner Circle Has Chilling Warning for United States

As communism was taking over Cuba under Fidel Castro, the then young Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol was recruited to head up Castro’s version of the Hitler Youth Program.

It didn’t take long for del Marmol to realize that Castro’s intentions were the opposite of what had been promised to the people of Cuba. Castro was ushering in a nation in which individual citizens had no rights at all. The property and businesses were all nationalized. Cubans were prohibited from having more than $3000 in their bank accounts. Then it was reduced to $1000. Then to no money at all.

If you wanted to move to a different residence, you had to obtain permission from the government. Your place of employment was chosen for you by the government. If you needed a loaf of bread you would wait in line for hours usually to find the shelves empty once it was your turn. You couldn’t protest. You couldn’t speak against the government and you couldn’t fight back. Cubans had been stripped of their right to own any type of firearms.

And when it all became too much for you to take anymore and you launched a raft to attempt to row to Florida, Cuban aircraft would hunt you down and open fire. They didn’t want the embarrassment of the world seeing how many were trying to flea the oppression.

Early on Julio was recruited to spy for the United States. His cover was blown in the Seventies by the US Government and he had to flea Cuba overnight to save his life. He tells more about this in a speech we will be posting soon.

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He brings a chilling warning for the United States. That what happened when Castro took over Cuba is happening here now in the US. Julio says we took our freedom for granted too long. Too many just dismissed threats to our liberty with the idea that America is a free country and nothing like that could ever happen here. Soon it will be too late to stop it.

Listen to our interview with Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol as he describes what life is really like in Cuba under socialism/communism and what we can do to prevent it from taking over in the United States.

Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol has written a number of books on the adventures in his life that reveal much of what has gone on and the threats the world faces. He is also working to do his part to keep America free. Learn more about his projects on his website.

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