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The 9/11 Memorial in Malaga Cove in South Bay

With all of the restrictions that currently still exist on travel, I decided to start a section on Totally LA for “Stay-cations”.

This will cover day trips you can take as well as road trips for a few days. Travel bans or not we all need to get out and get some space to keep our mental health.

Out exploring a new area to tell you about I encountered this huge display of United States flags in the center of a traffic island. With the coastal breeze, they were completely unfurled. It was a stunning sight. I don’t think the picture really shows the impact it has on you to come around the curve and see them!

Later I learned that the flags are a memorial to the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. The little traffic island they are in is called the Malaga Cove Triangle. It’s where Palos Verdes Drive West meets Palos Verdes Drive North in Malaga Cove. The town started flying the flags after the September 11th attacks to honor the many Americans that died that day.

In particular, the memorial is to honor the first responders to the scene. Our police, firefighters, Armed Forces and medical personnel. With the current movement to “defund police” in our country, it made me feel good to see the fact they, and other first responders, put their lives at risk for our safety every day when they go to work.

The flags are in two groups. One group of 9 flags and one group of 11 flags, though this is not very obvious. Unlike the 9/11 Memorial in Beverly Hills that we wrote about earlier, you can’t sit here and take it in. There is a trail along Palos Verdes Drive you can walk along and view it if you want to take it in. There is ample parking in the center just up the road. There is a photo of the view of the memorial from the trail at the bottom of this post.

To find it type on Palos Verdes Estates City Hall into Google Maps. You will see the intersection right near the spot. Unfortunately, the location doesn’t come up when you type it in directly… and apparantly no one has written about it. I think it deserves more attention.

Be sure to check back soon for our Stay-Cation guide to the beautiful Malaga Cove area. It’s my new favorite place!

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