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Give the Gift of Art, the Only Gift That Appreciates in Value

Tormented Young Man, Limited Edition Fine Art Photography

The best time to do your Christmas shopping is during the Black Friday sales and the best Christmas gift you can give is the gift of art!  Better still, you can shop for the perfect artwork for that special someone without having to fight the crowds.

“Mel” painting by Lizzy Lunday

We’ve talked about why art is the best gift you can give before.  It adds lasting beauty to your home long after the electronic gadgets have broken.  Art can also raise the perceived value of your home and best of all, art appreciates in value!  What other gift does that?

Saatchi Art’s Black Friday Sale is a great way to collect art at a significant savings.  Saatchi is one of the leading authorities in the world of art and Saatchi Art’s curators are always on hand to help you choose the perfect artwork. There are also some special programs to help you invest in beautiful art intelligently.  You’ll see a couple of them below in this article.

Meanwhile, let’s get shopping.  Saatchi is rolling out three back to back sales for the holiday’s.  The first is their huge Black Friday sale.  You’ll receive 10% off all original artwork priced at over $500.  Click the link to take advantage of the offer, or simply use the code WONDER2019 when you shop! Saatchi’s Black Friday Sale begins November 27 and runs through November 30th.

This is followed with Saatchi’s Cyber Monday Sale that begins on December 1st and ends on December 3rd.  During this art sale you can save 15% on all originals by using the code GIFTART15 or by clicking the link.

fine art
The Small Boat, Limited Edition Fine Art Photography

Then through the full month of December Saatchi is running a holiday art sale.  This sale runs from December 4th to December 31st.   You can save 20% Off On Limited Editions of $150+ with the code LIMITED2019.

If buying art for another seems challenging, you could consider giving them a Saatchi Art Gift Card.  Saatchi’s curators have also selected some of the best works and categorized them in a way that will make it easy for you to choose the right artwork.  See the 2109 Saatchi Art Gift Guides here.

For serious art collectors, there is nothing quite like working one on one with an experienced professional art curator. Saatchi has put together two special programs to help you enrich your life with art.  The VIP Art Advisory is an art experience for the person with everything! A Saatchi Art curator will visit your home, learn about your style and space during an in-person curatorial consultation, and then create a comprehensive proposal for all of your art purchases in 2020. Experience includes one bespoke artwork commission made especially for you by one of our artists and a $5,000 credit towards an original artwork purchase.

The Ultimate Art Subscription will help you build an enviable art collection in a year! Work with an expert curator to add a new original work to your personal collection every month for an entire year. The subscription includes one artwork sent per month selected by the buyer from a curated collection of works, which will be updated regularly by your dedicated Saatchi art advisor.

We have dedicated a lot of space to Saatchi here because we actually believe in them.  I hope that you have a very happy Christmas, filled with lots of fine art!

Brenda, Molly Brocklehurst
fine art
Electronic Being, limited edition fine art photography

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