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The Binoculars Building: Google Venice Headquarters

It’s as if the Binoculars Building in Venice was built to be Google’s Venice headquarters from the onset. The giant binoculars make the most fitting art to adorn the building of a mega-corporation known primarily for sniffing and databasing every single piece of information about individuals and corporations around the world.

But it wasn’t.

The “Binoculars Building” has been a Venice landmark since 2001 when it was completed for the advertising agency, TBWA\Chait\Day.  It’s unique not only for its giant binoculars over the entrance to the underground parking lot, but for incorporating three different styles of architecture the same building.

It was designed by architect Frank Gehry who later designed the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall in DTLA.  the Giant Binoculars sculpture was created by artists Claes Oldenburg and Coosie van Bruggen.

TBWA\Chait\Day didn’t occupy then building long before moving its headquarters to the nearby, and cheaper, Mar Vista.  A few more advertising and pubic relations companies cycled through the building before it was leased by Google along with two neighboring buildings.

It now serves as an ever present reminder of the omnipotent eye (and ear) of Google watching over our every move to all that pass by.  If you want to check it out when you are visiting Venice on your vacation, the address is 340 Main Street, Venice, CA.  It’s just a couple of blocks off of the Venice Boardwalk and beach.

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