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The Christmas Trees at the Pantages Theatre

LA Christmas
Christmas Trees at the Pantages Theatre

Our Best Christmas Tree on the Hollywood Walk of Fame award goes to the Pantages Theatre.  Without any doubt!

The Pantages didn’t settle for just one Christmas Tree, which is the norm.  They placed six large decorated evergreen Christmas trees atop their marquee.  Then they finished it off with large, lit Christmas wreaths on either side of the building.

Frankly, without the trees and Christmas decorations at the Pantages Theatre and the Christmas Tree of Lights atop the Capitol Records building around the corner, this section of Hollywood Blvd wouldn’t feel much like Christmas at all.  Unfortunately, what Hollywood Blvd has put up in terms of Christmas lights and decorations doesn’t feel much like Christmas at all!  Although Hollywood Blvd is home to one of the most prestigious Christmas parades in the country, the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

See the Christmas trees at the Pantages Theatre at 6233 Hollywood Blvd – on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just off the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

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