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The LGBT Love Sign in Venice

gay love sign

I spotted this gay love sign in Venice Beach while I was in Venice with friends.  

I assumed like the LGBT rainbow painted lifeguard hut on Venice Beach that I would find a considerable amount of information about it on the internet.  But my search turns up nothing, nada, squat.

Unfortunately I can’t even remember its exact location, but it can make a great Instagram Selfie spot if you are into that sort of thing.  I’ll update this post when I see the sign again and get the address.  Meanwhile we saw it while driving from the Venice boardwalk down by Rose Street down to the Venice Canals.

Let us know if you have any info on this sign!


  • Dee

    By any chance do you have the location of this? I saw it also last January and forgot exactly where it was located but I want to show it to my gf. Thanks.

    • MarkLA

      Sorry for the delay on answering. Your comment got buried under too much spam to see it. I don’t remember exactly which street this was on. I’m thinking it was Venice Blvd South (the one way going east) between the beach and Abbot Kinney Blvd.

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