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The Majority Isn’t Silent, The Media Is

Chris Proffit joins Totally-LA at the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally to discuss the magnitude and abundance of the Pro-Trump MAGA rallies going on all over Los Angeles… and the media’s silence about the overwhelming public support President Trump has with Americans.

In the months leading up to the election there have been dozens of Pro-Trump MAGA rallies every weekend around Los Angeles.  These range from peaceful protests in parks, to MAGA car caravans in multiple parts of the city, boat parades, to marches through the city.  Many of the rallies boast several thousand patriots.

The media has for the most part completely ignored the Trump 2020 rallies.  We’ve seen the media there… but the rallies don’t make it to the news.  Or if they do, it is to call them “super spreader” events of selfish people that are trying to kill us all.  A pretty misleading statement when they are referencing it to spreading a virus that the CDC and the WHO both admit has a lower mortality rate than the flu!

At the same time the media is ignoring the overwhelming support Americans are showing for President Trump, they report that Biden is winning in the polls.  Now I know how their predictions were so off in 2016 when they said Hillary was going to be the clear winner.  The media believes that if they tell a lie often enough it will become truth.

Regardless of what the media says the polls say, there is zero support for Biden to be found other than a yard sign here and there.  It’s been extremely difficult to find any type of rally for Biden in Southern California.  In the one or two that have occurred, less than a dozen people showed up in support.  At a Biden rally in AZ, there was not a single person that showed up to support their candidate.

The moral of this story is trust what you see with your eyes, not what the media tells you to believe.  They don’t even try to get it right anymore!

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