Miss Kitty Fairlane Show

The Miss Kitty Fairlane Show: Miss Kitty Interviews Angelyne

Hollywood legend, Angelyne the Billboard Queen with the equally famous pink Corvette invites Miss Kitty Fairlane into her private offices on Hollywood Blvd for an intimate talk.

Enjoy this heartfelt talk as Miss Kitty asks Angelyne about a part of her life and career that has rarely been given attention.  And please let us know the answer to their question: Should the two sexy ladies do a remake of the Marilyn Monroe / Jayne Mansfield movie Gentlemen Prefer Blonds?

For inquiries about Angelyne’s art, to purchase Angelyne merchandise, or to ask about taking a ride in her fabulous pink corvette visit

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Starring Joyce Westergaard as Miss Kitty Fairlane

Produced by Mark Stout Photography

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More photos below the break…

Miss Kitty Fairlane discusses Angelyne’s art
The still sexy Angelyne in her Hollywood office

miss kitty fairlane with angelyne

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