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The “Pretty Woman” Hotel Boarded Up After BLM Protests

The last place in the world you would expect to see boarded up is the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Not only is it one of the poshest hotels in Beverly Hills, it’s affectionately known as the “Pretty Woman Hotel.”

This distinction is due to the hotel being one of the key locations used in the film Pretty Woman starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.  They even have a Pretty Room Experience you can book for the royal treatment!

As with all hotels, the Beverly Wilshire has undergone a months long closure due to the coronavirus quarantine.  It then faced the added insult of being one of the many properties in Beverly Hills that was vandalized and looted during Black Lives Matter protests.

Sadly, the Pretty Woman Hotel will not be reopening until September 1, 2020.  We hope they and the other hotels and hospitality industry businesses can make it through these tough times!


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