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The Swan Staircase: One of LA’s Many Painted Stairways

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Throughout Los Angeles is a network of thousands of staircases that were used in the day before the automobile to help get homeowners on the steep hills down to the Red Car Trolly Lines below.

Swan Stairs
The section of the Swan Stairs known as the Shape Stairs

These are most densely concentrated in the Silverlake, Echo Park and Los Feliz neighborhoods.  Also unique about the staircases in these neighborhoods is that it seems artists have been unable to resist beautifying them.  Though this is usually done “illegally,” unlike graffiti on the side of a building, Angelenos as a rule are very appreciative of the artwork added to their neighborhoods.

We took you on a video tour of the Micheltorena Stairs (the rainbow hearts), Murray Stairs (the piano keyboard) and Piano Steps (where the Laurel and Hardy movie The Music Box was filmed) with Zeus Lee a while back.  Now we are bringing you some photos and info on the Swan Stairs.Swan Stairway

This is a three part staircase located at 2958 Swan Place at Westerly Terrace. It’s painted and signed by artist, Evelyn Leigh with the hashtag #SwanSteps. The first sequence of steps is painted in shades of blue and teal.  After a 77 step hike, you reach Redesdale Ave.  Cross over and you’ll see the entrance to the second sequence of 110 steps pictured at the top of this post.  As you travel up the steps they are painted in soft reds, pinks and yellows to form a zig zag path.   You’ll arrive on Rotary Drive where the “LA I”m Yours” mural is painted.

On google maps, punch in Swan Stairs and it will come right up.  They have however assigned different names to the sections of the staircase.  The first is called the Color Pantone Stairs, The second stretch is called the Shape Stairs and at the top of that same staircase they refer to it as the Los Angeles I’m Yours Staircase.

Whatever.  They are all part of the Swan Stairs.

It’s a lot of hiking to see some painted stairs, but it’s a great way to get a workout without it being a “workout.”  That is, it can be a little more fun if you convince yourself you are just out sightseeing! (I do that all the time.)

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