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The Wings Restaurant in Venice Beach

Probably the most noticeable restaurant when you head on out to the Venice Pier is a place that is simply called The Wings, Famous Chicken Wings.  It’s definitely one of LA’s landmarks,

With its tan exterior decorated with vibrant red palm trees and Coca Cola bottle caps, the restaurant’s picture appears in most any publication that mentions Venice Beach.  Locations don’t get any better.  It is the last building on land before you cross the pedestrian path and head on out the pier.

I’ve never been a fan of chicken wings.  I like a little more meat when I bite into some fried chicken.  But per the reviews on this place, the sauce (and isn’t that what you eat chicken wings for?) doesn’t get any better.

It’s a great place to stop in for a snack and a “Coca Cola” when you are out at the beach.  Be sure to check it out.

Update:  The Famous Wings restaurant is no more.  It is now an equally cool dining establishment called Slice of Venice.  So now you’ll have to substitute pizza for chicken wings!

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