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Things to do in Los Angeles Labor Day Weekend

If you are looking for things to do in Los Angeles this Labor Day Weekend, you are probably thinking somewhere cool.

And by cool, we mean cooler temperatures too. An escape from the 100 degree heat in the city of Los Angeles is a welcome idea.

Yes, the beaches will be packed!  So bring along your tanning lotion and head on down to long beach and rent a boat for a few hours at one of the many boat rental docks (pictured above) down there.  Once you are on the boat you will have all the space and cool air you could want.

Point Vicente Lighthouse

Near that same area is the San Vicente Lighthouse in San Pedro.  In addition to views of the lighthouse, there is a visitors area with fascinating collections of sea life from the area over the centuries.  Be sure to check to see if it is open on the day you plan to go.

Coming not from there are the beach towns of Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach and the lesser known El Segundo Beach.  El Segundo Beach does not have the cool restaurants and shops near the water like you will find in Manhattan Beach, but it will also have less crowds and easier parking.

Venice Beach

Venice Beach has the boardwalk, lots of fun shops, restaurants, and more.  And when you walk out on Venice Pier, the temperature can drop by 15 or 20 degrees.  No joke. It is nice out there over the water.

If you don’t mind crowds, then head on over to Santa Monica Pier this Labor Day Weekend.  The Santa Monica Pier is the granddaddy of all piers in Southern California.  It is loaded with restaurants, shops, and even Pacific Park Amusement Park for the kids, or the kid in you.

Just to the north and a bit east of the pier is one of my favorite places to go in Los Angeles.  Pacific Palisades Park.  Off of Ocean Drive, it overlooks the pier and the pacific ocean, has nicely shaded grounds and walking paths.

Malibu Pier

Maibu Pier is still one of my favorite locations.  The are a couple of great restaurants on Malibu Pier.  Parking can be a bit scarce, but it is worth it.  And, if you want to ditch the crowds good, head on up the Pacific Coast Highway to Point Mugu.  Easy parking and a beautiful rocky beach!

You can also ditch the beaches and go to the Getty Museum.  Art exhibits, live music, and unparalleled views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean.

And one last place in totally the opposite direction.  You could head on down to the Los Angeles Fashion District and find incredible bargains on clothes.  The Santee Alley just off of 12th and Santee (near Main) in downtown Los Angeles offers some of the best deals you can find on clothes anywhere to be found.  A word to the wise on parking.  Several of the lots down there have sign wavers saying $3.00 parking but once you have driven up inside you are told it is going to be $20.00.  There are plenty of lots that don’t do a bait and switch and will park you for $3 to $6 for the day.

Santa Monica Pier
Santee Alley

Pacific Palisades Park
People enjoying Palisades Park

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