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Title Guarantee Building was Filming Location for Lou Grant Show

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If you’re looking for movie locations in Los Angeles, you won’t be disappointed.  Today we’ll show you the filming location for the popular Television series, Lou Grant.

The popular drama starring Ed Asner ran from 1977 – 1982 on CBS and was a spinoff from the equally popular Mary Tyler Moore Show, also set in a newsroom. It won 13 Emmys and was in the top ten most watched TV shows when the last episode aired.

The actual studio where the Lou Grant Show was filmed was MTM Enterprises in Studio City California and some of the episodes were filmed at the Los Angeles Daily News’ office in Van Nuys.  But the establishing shots of the fictional Los Angeles Tribune were of the Title Guarantee & Trust Building near Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles.

This art deco masterpiece also served as a location in the CBS show Vampier P.I. and it has currently functions as loft style apartments.  So you can live in the building where your favorite TV show was filmed if you’re a Lou Grant fan.  The Title Guarantee and Trust Company was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984.  It’s located at 411 E 5th Street, right across from Pershing Square.

Back to the Lou Grant show, it spun off from the Mary Tyler Moore show with his being fired from the WJM Television station featured in the sitcom.  The new show, Lou Grant, was a drama instead of a sitcom.  The show is said to have been influenced by the movie All the President’s Men with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford.

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