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A Touch of Old Hollywood

Out on Hollywood Blvd at the Walk of Fame one of the problems is that there is so much there that we tend to shut it all out.

But when we take a moment to look at any one thing we usually discover a treasure.  This happened to me last week when I had to go to the old Outpost Building on the Blvd to photograph one of the more famous people in Hollywood.  (I’ll fill you in on who and what in a couple of days!)*

The Outpost Building on the Walk of Fame

The Outpost is a building I would have never noticed if I wasn’t looking for it.  It was just one more entrance with iron work covering the doors.  While waiting for the woman I was filming to show up, I had a nice conversation with her assistant and he filled me in on the history of the building.  Loosely, being right off of Hollywood and Vine and on the Walk of Fame, it is a building that has had more than it’s share of celebrities and influential people inhabiting it’s offices.

Dating back to the 1930’s, think of the days when radio was the big thing, film had just developed sound and was still in black and white, and TV was just emerging.  This was the Old Hollywood and the “influencers” of that day were that because of who they knew and worked with, not how many followers they had on Instagram.

The building has been preserved in it’s 1930’s glory and I loved every minute of being in it.  The old style windows and doors, the tile patterns on the floors, the rich wood and the transoms over the doors!  Oh yes, and the shoe shine stand at the entrance!  It’s just cool, and totally Hollywood.

It is fitting that this be the home of the woman I was filming.  She is famous for being the one that started an entire trend we now see not only in Hollywood, but the world.  Trust me, if you have been in LA for more than a day or two, you are going to know who she is.

Stay tuned.

Update: A peak inside the office of Angelyne in this grand old building.

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