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UK Journalist Katie Hopkins Comes to US to Ensure President Trump is Re-Elected

Quite possibly the most outspoken and outrageous journalist in the world, Katie Hopkins has come from the UK to the United States to make sure President Donald Trump gets four more years.

Due to the travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, Hopkins said she had to sneak into the United States by flying from the UK to a different country, quarantining for 14 days and then flying from there into the US.  She has been traveling the country speaking on our need to fight to keep our freedom and the importance of keeping Donald Trump in office for four more years.

Most Americans tend to think that the UK enjoys similar freedoms to what we have in the United States.  Hopkins points out how many freedoms we have that don’t exist in the UK.  “We are locked down, we have no freedom of speech, no 2nd Amendment,” she said.  The journalist is no stranger to censorship.  Her Twitter account with 1.5 million followers was shut down after President Trump re-tweeted on of her posts, she has had her life threatened and been arrested for speaking the truth.  The UK actually went as far as commissioning a play that was produced entitled, “The Assassination of Katie Hopkins.”

She has spoken in Beverly Hills on two occasions at the tremendously successful Beverly Hills Freedom Rallies.  Her speech last Saturday is in the video above, and her interview done with Totally-LA is in the video below.

“If we don’t get freedom here,” Hopkins said, “we get freedom nowhere.”   

Be sure to check out her explosive documentary on the widespread torture, branding, and murder/genocide of white South African farmers, The Killing Fields. Follow Katie Hopkins on Parler at @KThopkins  

Below: John Strand, aka the #TruthMaverick interviews Katie Hopkins for Totally LA.

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