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UK Journalist Katie Hopkins Comes to US to get 4 More Years of President Trump

We had the pleasure of interviewing the outspoken UK journalist, media personality and documentary producer Katie Hopkins at the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally.

Hopkins tells the #TruthMaverick John Strand that “If we don’t get freedom here, we get freedom no where.” She said that the UK looks to the United States for hope. “We are locked down, we have no freedom of speech, no 2nd Amendment.”

Hopkins also tells of the misadventures she has encountered due to speaking out as a conservative.  Her Twitter account with 1.5 million followers was shut down after President Trump re-tweeted one of her posts, she has been arrested and had her life threatened for saying the things you are not allowed to say in the UK.  The government in the UK even commissioned a play entitled “The Assassination of Katie Hopkins.”

Katie says she came to America to make sure we get 4 more years with President Trump.

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Video by Mark Stout Photography for Totally-LA.com  Follow Katie Hopkins on Parler at @KThopkins. Also be sure to check out her documentary The Killing Fields on the murder and killing of white farmers in South Africa.

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