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Voices of Freedom 2020 – Refugees From Communism Warn of What’s Happening in America

2020 has been a year none of us will ever forget. While people have different ideas on why it has happened, and some believe that it is necessary, the rights and freedoms that the US prizes so much have been under attack.

Above: Los Angeles, CA/USA – May 8 2020: Anti-quarantine protesters gather in front of LA mayors home

We’ve been locked down in our homes. Required to show ID and register to dine in a restaurant. Required to wear masks. We have seen those that have stood in protest at the attack on our rights called “selfish people who do not care about the lives of their fellow man” and the rallies called “super spreader events.” Yet at the same time when BLM riots swept the country vandalizing property, looting stores, burning buildings, destroying statues and monuments and even killing people, we were told that these “mostly peaceful protests” did not spread the virus because they were “active”. We were also told that these destructive protests were “so important” that it was okay to set aside concerns about spreading the virus.

Now as a vaccine is arriving on the scene we are being told it is “voluntary.” Many of us believe, and rightly so, that we have the right to decide what is put into our bodies. That we have the right to refuse a vaccination that has not been properly tested and could cause serious disability. But we are learning that we will have to have proof of vaccination to keep our jobs, go to concerts and to travel. There is nothing voluntary about that.

We watched the virus being used as an excuse to modify our election laws and procedures. In California, our Governor issued an executive order to change California voting to vote by mail, a system known to be prone to fraud. A court ruled his action of changing election law unconstitutional, but unfortunately that ruling didn’t occur until after the election!

Los Angeles, CA/USA – May 30, 2020: Smoke rising from burning police cars as more Black Lives Matter protesters march on Third Street in the Fairfax District

Black Lives Matter and Antifa issued threats leading up to the election that if the outcome wasn’t to their liking, America would burn. These threats were real enough that all businesses in Los Angeles boarded up their shops in advance of the election. They had already been vandalized during the riots, they weren’t going to let it happen again.

Mainstream media and the tech platform all announced Biden as the winner of the election before the votes were even counted. Evidence of massive voter fraud in a scale never before seen were surfacing everywhere. Yet mainstream media continued to chant that the 2020 election was “the most secure in history.”

Any dissenting voice was silenced. YouTube announced policy that any video that questioned the integrity of the election would be deleted. Social media platform “fact checked” or deleted anything other than the approved narrative. Censorship in America has reached the level that exists in communistic countries.

Amid all of this some powerful voices emerged. They need to be heard. These are the people that came to the United State to escape socialistic or communistic regimes in their own countries.

They have a warning. America is in the midst of a communistic overthrow of our government. They speak from experience. They saw it happen. They witnessed their countries being destroyed. They managed to escape and they warn that if America falls, there is no place left to run.

Videos of what they have to say follow:

Lester escaped communism in Cuba. He fled to Venezuela were he saw how the election was stolen and communism took over. He fled to the US and he warns that the election in the US is being stolen the same as it was in Cuba and Venezuela

Shiva fled for her life from Iran when the government was overthrown. Everything had to be left behind and was confiscated. She owns a business in Los Angeles and always voted Democratic until it adopted too many Marxist principles and began to resemble the dictatorship she fled. She warns the same is happening here.

A man who asked to not be identified is originally from Iran and has lived in several communistic countries. He warns of how radicalized the Democratic party has become and how it is a threat to the freedom and Constitution of our country.

After escaping communism in Iran, Max sees the conditions that led to the overthrow of the Iran government occurring in the US today. He notes that you don’t see people getting on the boat to escape the USA. They get on the boat to come to the USA. We must keep our freedom.

An earlier interview with Lester. He escaped communism in both Cuba and Venezuela. When the Chavez revolution occurred in Venezuela he recognized the pattern from what he witnessed in Cuba. Now he warns the same is happening in the United States. He points out the similarities of what is occurring now in the US and what led to the communistic overthrow of Cuba and Venezuela. His story will leave you stunned when you see how it is happening here.

Shiva Bagheri also escaped Iran. Her family was on the last flight out before the airport was bombed. She sees the same conditions happening in America that led to the overthrow of the Iran Government and started the hugely popular Beverly Hills Freedom Rallies to show the world that people that supported Trump came from all races, walks of life, sexual orientations and religious beliefs. That they were not the “racists” the left painted Trump supporters to be. As the election neared, the Beverly Hills Freedom Rallies were drawing crowds of about 5000 people each week to stand in support of our president.

Richard, a man of Chinese descent, was born in Venezuela and had to flea. It was one of the richest countries in the world, now is the poorest. He then moved to Hong Kong while it was under British rule and when it came back under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. He warns how the CCP is spreading its propaganda in the US through Hollywood and the media.

A woman whose grandmother fled Stalin’s Russia says her grandmother has nightmares every night because she is witnessing the same happening in the US that led to Stalin’s reign of terror.

We have close to 100 videos of people and events fighting to keep America free on our LA 2020 playlist on YouTube. It is the events and the stories the mainstream media has hidden from you.

Please visit our YouTube channel and get the full picture. 2021 will become either the year of the great awakening, or the great reset. And the great reset is the dictatorship government the people in these videos warn about!

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