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West Hollywood AIDS Memorial Walk

I’ve been writing about a lot of the “walks” in Los Angeles lately.  We have the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the RockWalk and the Grammy Walk of Fame.  Today I discovered another one by chance.  It’s the AIDS Memorial Walk.

Aids walk
West Hollywood Memorial Walk for those that lost their lives to AIDS

The official name per the sign is the West Hollywood Memorial Walk.  It actually doesn’t stand out much.  The memorial plaques in the sidewalk are quite small.  But I happened to look down and noticed one bearing the name Rock Hudson.  Then I noticed repeating plaques in the sidewalk about every six feet.  I asked a local what it was about and he said he had never notice it before!  (I told you, it doesn’t stand out!)

Then I found the sign in this picture describing the purpose of the walk.  When I retuned to the office I found a website called that described it better.  Apparently West Hollywood isn’t the only city to gain an AIDS Memorial Walk.

If you are interested in checking out the AIDS walk, the memorial plaques line the sidewalks of Santa Monica Boulevard from Fairfax Avenue to Doheny Drive.

Per the website, “Every West Hollywood Memorial Walk Plaque donation is used to provide funding for the pivotal services that Aid For AIDS (AFA) provides to people living with HIV/AIDS. As Los Angeles County’s oldest and largest provider of financial assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS, AFA helps thousands of clients each year pay for rent, utilities, food, and pharmaceutical needs when they are threatened by homelessness and the financial crises a health condition often causes.”

Aids walk
West Hollywood AIDS Memorial Walk


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