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What’s Wrong With This Picture: Stormy Daniels Gets the Key to the City of West Hollywood

It isn’t really a matter of looking for what is wrong with this picture.  It’s just about impossible to find anything that is right about it.

The picture I’m referring to isn’t of any of the individuals in the photos in this post.  It’s about the overall scene that was created in WeHo today for “Stormy Daniels Day”.  It seemed more like a collection of the “Worst of Facebook” than a dignified political event.  And it’s quite difficult to figure out just which part of it is the most disturbing.

Stormy Daniels day
A man interviewed by Totally LA. See his comments in the video above.

So we have the City of West Hollywood getting down on its knees to give Stormy Daniels the Key to the City and declare it Stormy Daniels Day.  It’s not exactly up there with a celebration to honor our veterans that defended our freedom (but it probably had more people turn out for it).

Why is that such a problem?

Is it that we have a President in office who had an affair with a porn star while he was married to Melania?  Or that Melania is a former model with nude pictures floating around?  Not that it is shocking or wrong for a fashion model to pose nude.  Non graphic nudity is an art form and it is frequently part of major fashion ad campaigns.  But a career as a fashion model doesn’t really qualify someone to be the First Lady of the United States and it does open up the Office of the President to criticism.

Or is it that Donald Trump also had an affair with former Playboy Model Karen McDougal while married to Melania?  Could it be that McDougal decided to “apologize”  to Melania through the major media outlets and the entire American public instead of simply asking her to a quiet lunch in a public place to extend her regrets for having slept with her husband?  It’s not exactly the way a sincere apology is given.

Maybe it’s because McDougal felt it was worth throwing her own reputation onto the sidewalk to be trampled upon and take the integrity of the highest office of the United States with her for a bit of cheap publicity?  Or is it because she was swayed by the slimy powers that be in our political system who have repeatedly disgraced the nation in an effort to embarrass the opposing party that she came  forward with her “apology”?

As for the “family values” most politicians pretend to have, Trump doesn’t seem to even notice he has a family.  In pictures of our current First Family, President Donald Trump seems completely unaware Melania or his children are  even there.  Perhaps that is why Melania never smiles.  She, better than anyone, knows that Trump cares only about one person.  Himself.

Enter Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels Day
Celebrity Pop Artist Sham Ibrahim says his portrait of President Donald Trump “says it all”

Apparently the woman is doing so much to make our nation a better place that the City of West Hollywood found it necessary to give her the Keys to the City.  I mean after all, she too laid herself in the gutter to embarrass the President of the United States and disgrace the nation so we would all know she slept with a married man who became our president.

Nice work Stormy!  Nice work.  There is a special place in hell for you.  You know that.  You’re already in it.

So you did your part for the world and let it know what a bad man our President is.  But we didn’t need you to point out his flaws.

We already know them!

What about your own character Stormy?  I’m guessing even you knew you were having an affair with a married man.  I mean the whole world knew who Donald Trump was even “back then” and most articles about him happened to mention he had a trophy wife.  And per your interview in InTouch Magazine, you found the idea of sex with him offensive.  But you slept with him anyway.  While your career demands you do just that on a routine basis, it’s not exactly a mark of personal integrity.

There is also the little matter of your being paid $130,000 to remain silent about the affair.  What changed your mind?  A little greed?  Perhaps you could get more?  Did you feel upset that Monica Lewinsky got so much press over that stained dress when you had none? Or did the political powers get to you too?  Did they rub a little grease on your palm, put a little pressure on you and ask you shame our President for the “good of our nation?”  Something caused you to break the silence you were paid to keep.

What was it?  What does it cost to get you to step before the world and say you had sex with a man you disdain and had been paid well not to talk about?  I think you probably sold out too cheap. You laid yourself in the gutter and you took the nation with you.  Thanks for that.

But hey, the City of West Hollywood gave you the Keys to the City.  That should make up for it all.  Although I hope the City of West Hollywood figures out they did far more to damage their cause by “honoring” you than to help them.

Now that is said, I need to say this as well.  I’m not criticizing or condoning the “moral” transgressions of anyone here  There is not one person on earth who hasn’t done something that others couldn’t hold up to discredit them for having done.  None of us are perfect.

America was a great nation where industrious people worked hard to better things for themselves, their families and those around them.  And that hard work would get you ahead.  We were a symbol of freedom.  We have now lost more freedoms than we ever thought possible and are now anything but the land of the free.  Hard work doesn’t get us ahead anymore.  It only earns us the “right” to work harder for less.

Let’s not kid ourselves.  The dog and pony show put on in West Hollywood today isn’t the solution to these ills.  It is the cause of them.

It’s the people that take someone else’s dirty bed sheets and hang them out for the public to view that are truly despicable.  They are either cheap attention whores, or the puppets of those who want only to create the land of the slaves.  If the President is a man of such poor moral character he shouldn’t be in office, then start the process to have him impeached.  As a nation, we don’t like the smell of your dirty laundry.  Mudslinging has always been a part of politics, but it has reached an unbearable level over the last few presidencies.  And the level of sheer hate I have seen surrounding the last two elections and political candidates comes about only when someone is working hard and shelling out big bucks to make it happen.

Someone is agitating it, stirring it up, paying to fan the flames while mosts of American remains too caught up in the gossip and cheap scandals to ever look up and find out who.  But everyone is too busy watching dog and pony shows like the one that took place in Chi Chi LaRue’s today to ever look up from the sensationalistic, cheap scandals and mud slinging to see just who’s doing the agitating and what their agenda is.  That’s why the show was put on in the first place.  While the world is busy watching such sad displays of human behavior, someone is selling the United States to China.

Another sad impact of putting those that disgrace themselves so prominently in the limelight is that we get more of the same.  It encourages others to believe that the only way to get attention for what they do is to do something degrading and despicable.  Their good deeds go un-noticed.  So maybe it is time we shut off the cameras, turn off the microphones and say “Tell me who put you up to this?” or “tell me something you have done that is actually worthwhile and we will turn on the cameras.”  Are you listening CNN, ABC, etc?

As for our political powers that be, if you’re upset that Trump made it into office, perhaps, instead of dumping your slime on the nation, you should have offered us a candidate a little more appealing than Hillary Clinton.  That shouldn’t have been too difficult.  The Clinton family with Monica Lewinsky and Whitewater scandals gave us a show far worse than we are currently watching.  We didn’t want to watch it again.  That’s why she lost.

It’s well past time we clean house in Washington.  And the next time we see a mud slinging campaign like what is currently going on, we need to find out who got them to sling the mud and hang them.

Until then, can we declare a moratorium against the dog and pony shows and focus our attention on people who are really doing something worthwhile?

Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels’ Attorney Michael Avenatti being interviewed by news media

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