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Where To Find the Best View of the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Highland Center

If you are visiting Los Angeles and want to find the best view of the Hollywood Sign and take in the sights on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too, you’re in luck.  One of the most unique views of the Hollywood Sign to be found is just steps off of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a short escalator ride up a couple of floors to a higher vantage point.

Babylon Set
Hollywood Sign seen through the Babylon Gate at the Hollywood Highland Center

The view of the sign is through the “Babylon Gate” in the Hollywood Highland Center which perfectly frames in the landmark sign through the opening.  As you take the escalator up into the courtyard, you will notice a crowd of people lining the catwalk on the third level on the north end.  Go up two more levels and you will see what they are all looking at: One of the most perfect views of the Hollywood Sign to be found.

It isn’t as close up as some vantage points, but being able to see it through the Babylon Gate makes it oh so special.

Ok, you are probably wondering just what the massive gateway covered with Egyptian art and the elephants are doing in the courtyard of a shopping mall.  The courtyard was actually constructed to be an exact replica of the Babylon set from the epic 1916 silent film, Intolerance.

We tell you more about the Babylon Set here (along with photos of the original 1916 set), and the Hollywood Highland Mall here.  Also be sure to check out our post on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and our video about the Walk of Fame too for more ideas of what to see while you are in Los Angeles.

See where to get the best close up view of the Hollywood Sign without hiking if you want to see the sign real close.

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