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Where To Get The Best Barbecue In Los Angeles

Actually you’ll find the best barbecued meats in Los Angeles in Burbank. But it’s worth the drive.

We stumbled upon the Handy Market in Burbank on a Saturday when they were doing their famous Saturday open air barbecue. The aroma drew us right in and the more we looked, the more we liked what we saw!

The Handy Market opened in 1970 and the neighbors all commented on how handy it was to have a market with such quality foods nearby… hence the name. As time has evolved, it’s held on to the things that matter most. Quality and service.

Handy Market has an old fashioned butcher shop where knowledgable butchers will cut your meats specially for you and can instruct you on how to best prepare them. There is also a large selection of high quality produce and a delicious deli. Catering is available as well as meals to go. What you will find there beats any of the fast food restaurants in taste and nutritional value.

Food photographer

Most of all you find a quality that is missing in most large businesses of today. They actually care about YOU, the customer and provide you with a level of service that is refreshing to experience.

Visit the Handy Market website for more information. Or drop by and check it out at 2514 W Magnolia Boulevard, Burbank, CA. Get information on how to become a Totally-LA featured business and the benefits of doing so.

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