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Why Both Republicans and Democrats are Working to Recall California Governor Newsom

Chris Proffit speaks with Ala Leh and Celeste Navarro in separate interviews.  One is a Republican and the other a Democrat and they are both volunteers in the bipartisan effort to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Both explain the reasons they feel Governor Gavin Newsom is a liability to California and must be recalled. Ala Leh, a Republican, (top video) also tells Totally-LA of a major problem to the integrity of the vote by mail system that she has discovered and why you will want to cast you ballot at the polls.

Celeste, a registered Democrat, (video below) brings up the issue of Newsom’s order to put COVID positive patients in nursing homes with those that are most vulnerable to the illness.

To join the effort to recall Gavin Newsom by either printing and signing a petition, or circulating a petition or to find a location near you where you can sign a petition visit

NOTE: There are online petitions circulating to recall Gavin Newsom. THESE ARE NOT VALID. Online petitions cannot be used in a recall effort. Be sure that you sign the physical, printed petition from the link above or at one of the petition signing locations. 

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