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World Famous Randy’s Donuts, Long Lines Even During COVID-19 Quarantine

RAndy's donuts

World famous Randy’s Donuts dates back to 1962, but it’s style of architecture dates back to the Thirties. It was called programmatic architecture and it evolved to a style of architecture in the Fifties where structures were designed in the shape of the product they sold.

Judging from the popularity of Randy’s Donuts with the giant donut sign on it’s roof, it’s surprising modern businesses aren’t taking advantage of this style of architecture.

As I mentioned before, Randy’s Donuts has been a Los Angeles institution since 1962.  It’s fame has grown exponentially with the advent of Instagram and the selfie.  Getting a photo of yourself standing with Randy’s Donuts in the backdrop has become a must have shot for Instagram pages.

It’s also starred in a number of movies including: Mars Attacks, Problem Child 2, Breathless, Californication, California Girls, Volcano, Crocodile Dundee in LA, The Golden Child, Into the Night and more.

But those aren’t the reasons to go.  Randy’s has some of the most delicious and affordable donut in Los Angeles.  They are so good in fact that Randy’s Donuts had long, properly social distanced, lines during the coronavirus quarantine.  Fortunately, as a drive-up restaurant it wasn’t one of the eateries forced to close!

Randy’s is located near Los Angeles International Airport.  The address is 805 W Manchester Blvd, Inglewood, CA

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Los Angeles, CA/USA – May 23, 2020: Social Distancing Customers at the famous Randy’s donuts during the coronavirus epidemic

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