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Worried Yet Biden? Why The Polls Are Wrong.

We’re hearing in the mainstream media that the polls show Biden is in the lead.  Biden knows better and so does all of America.

The first thing that raises eyebrows is that most Americans have come to realize that if the mainstream media is reporting it, the opposite is likely the truth.  The other is that anyone who has realized that it’s safe to come out of their basements and go out in the world can’t go far without running into a MAGA pro Trump rally with thousand of people holding flags in support of our President and our police.

We’re posting videos of a few of the MAGA rallies we’ve been able to get to.  We have to choose between dozens that happen on the same day when we do.  On the flip side, we don’t have any videos of Biden rallies.  That’s not because we are unwilling to report on them.  It’s because there haven’t been any!  And that isn’t because they are trying to protect you from a virus… they are the virus and everyone knows it. People don’t usually support those things that harm their survival.

Thousands of Patriots march at the Beverly Hills Freedom Rally

Fun loving Patriots doing the MAGA dance with a Donald Trump impersonator

Massive Pro-Trump Car Rally in Glendale

Massive Trump Train Takes Over Ventura Boulevard in Studio City

Thousands of Democrats who have walked away from the Democratic party rally in Beverly Hills

Never in the history of America have Americans come together in such support of a President.  And while there has been considerable talk of how the Democrats are trying to manipulate the election, there will be trouble if they do it.  Too many of us have seen with our own eyes what the mainstream media won’t show us.  The vast majority of Americans want to keep Donald Trump in office for four more years!

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